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"We are what we feel,
not what we look at."



Meissa Maytreia photographer


"Meissa Maytreia was born in Rio de Janeiro. As a kid, she developed a taste for bright colours and quirky figures. As a teenager, she dressed differently from most everyone else and had a longing to express her bold, loving, tender, sweet and adventurous personality in as many ways as she could find. Soon she fell in love with the possibility to go further, to know more. Her curiosity for people, air and earth led her to explore London, initially to improve her knowledge in Interactive Media Design. But soon her instinct urges to feed her intimate need to express herself in images, real or surreal. Then she focused on studying the technical and empirical aspects of photography and filming. After 2 years she returned to Rio to graduate in Graphic Design, then her thirst for new sights got her to Rome, where she is currently based.

There is a famous Brazilian poet, Manoel de Barros, who refers to a colleague saying that he is "a being fallen down in the kingdom of images”

Probably, this is the best way one can describe Meissa and her love for the reflections that light leaves on film. Her passion goes beyond the will to capture still pictures and often when you look at her work it says more about what is absent than about what was captured by the lenses. A story told with so much attention to detail, that one can almost feel nothing but a haunting presence of life."

Manoela Rónai, writer and best friend


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